Flower Essences Therapy

Flower Essences Therapy offers a natural way to support our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. These vibrational remedies made from living flowers assist in harmonizing our chakras to boost vitality and reset patterns of imbalance while shifting deep-seated trauma, wounds, and limiting beliefs that have been imprinted into our energetic system, often starting in childhood.


  • A more balanced and vibrant emotional life
  • Clarity on emotions and mental habits
  • Feeling more focused, clear, inspired, and productive
  • Feeling more confident to share your gifts with the world
  • Support through loss, transformation, grieving, preparing to die
  • Support through life changes and transitions
  • Developing resilience, letting go, and starting over
  • Preparing for conception, birth, and receiving new life

What is a flower essence consultation?

During a virtual Flower Essence Consultation (via phone or video conference), the client’s current situation and concerns are addressed. Lena can then determine which flower essences would be the most beneficial. She chooses between one and seven flower essences for each custom flower essence blend and reviews each choice with the client to confirm that they agree with the selections. Since this is a self-healing modality, the client has complete control over what they would like to focus on at each consultation.

Are the Bach flower essences safe for children?

Absolutely! The Bach Flower Remedies are safe for babies, children, pregnant mothers, and the elderly, as well as animals and plants.

Are there any side effects?

The flower remedies are non-toxic and have no contraindications. In other words, they have no side effects and are safe to use with other types of therapy.


Flower Essence Consultation $65 | Length: 45 min

* Flower essences and flower essence blends are sold separately.

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