Spiritual Life Coaching

A spiritual life coaching session can help you change your life by changing how you operate on a deeper level. It can help you understand yourself and the world around you from a spiritual perspective leading to a more meaningful and happier life. Even though the name may suggest, spiritual life coaching sessions don’t have anything to do with religion. Unlike religion, spirituality doesn’t come with codes and doctrines. So, a person doesn’t necessarily need to be a religious person to do a spiritual life coaching session.


• Connecting to who you are
• Becoming clear about your purpose and core desires
•Letting go of self-judgment and negative self-talk
•Helps to fight depression and anger, as well as heal old wounds


Regular Session: $150
Coaching session where there will be questions and thought processing.
Length: 60 min

Intake Session: FREE
Available before your first session. An opportunity to see if we would be a good fit to achieve your spiritual goals. We will discuss and answer questions concerning the disclosures packet and sign a coaching contract if you decide to purchase coaching sessions.
Length: 30 min

Based on the client’s preference, the session will be done through phone calls, Zoom meetings, or in the office.

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